Enlaces semana 2014 #17

StatisticsIOParser: Sometimes reading the ouput from Statistics IO can be a total drag. This page will help with that. Just paste in the output of Statistics IO and press Parse. Your output will be formatted and totaled.

StaticSubstitution: refactorización que estoy usando para lidiar con antiguo código estático. One of the big problems with statics (in most languages) is you can’t use polymorphism to substitute one implementation with another.  […] The first step is to turn the statics into a singleton. […] This now prepares us to do substitution for testing (or other) purposes.

The Four Deadly Sins of LINQ Data Access part 1 ,part 2part 3 y part 4.

Quantity Pattern: otro patrón que parece obvio pero no uso todo lo que debiera

15 examples to master linux command line history: ahora que retomo Linux hay que empezar por el principio

A Simple Explanation for git rebase: When you’re working on a feature branch, rebasing the main development line into your feature branch will keep all of your feature branch commits at the head of the branch

Why Procrastinators Procrastinate  y How to Beat Procrastination, los artículos inspiradores de la semana 🙂

Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Learning How to Code: me gustaron las partes de ‘Someone will always tell you you’re doing it wrong’ y ‘Someone will always tell you you’re not a real coder’,pero el artículo en general es muy recomendable aún para los que creen que no están aprendiendo.





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