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Enlaces semana 2015 #13

12-minute Mandelbrot fractals on a 50 year old IBM 1401 mainframe: ​ I wrote a fractal program in assembly language and the computer chugged away for 12 minutes to create the Mandelbrot image on its line printer. In the process

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Enlaces semana 2015 #12

How to Spread The Word About Your Code: ​You spent an entire weekend building a library, jQuery plugin, build tool, or other great piece of code you wanted to share far and wide, but after some tweets and a failed

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Enlaces semana 2015 #10

Introduction to A : ​Creo que no ha salido por aquí esta introducción visual al algorit​mo A*. Incluye otros algoritmos asociados con el desarrollo de juegos, como esta introducción a algoritmos de grafos. Meet the Man Behind ‘Solarized,’ the Most

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Book Review: Rapid Development

Rapid Development: tamil wild software schedules Steve McConnell 608 pages Microsoft Language: English ISBN-10: 1-55615-900-5 Hace ya bastante tiempo que no realizo una review, y creo que este enorme (físicamente) libro sobre gestión de proyectos bien lo merece. RD se

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Enlaces semana 2015 #09

There are too many shiny objects and it is killing me: ​I am so hung up on design patterns, best practices, bleeding-edge tools, trends and frameworks and all that other noise that I am not getting any real work done.

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