Enlaces semana 2015 #20

  • 9 Anti-Patterns Every Programmer Should Be Aware Of: ​Típica, pero interesante, recopilación de antipatrones. El ejemplo de Management by Numbers es simplemente​ increíble.
    • ​1 Premature Optimization : Optimizing before you have enough information to make educated conclusions about where and how to do the optimization.
    • 2 Bikeshedding: Tendency to spend excessive amounts of time debating and deciding on trivial and often subjective issues.
    • 3 Analysis Paralysis: Over-analyzing to the point that it prevents action and progress.
    • 4 God Class: Classes that control many other classes and have many dependencies and lots of responsibilities.
    • 5 Fear of Adding Classes: Belief that more classes necessarily make designs more complicated, leading to a fear of adding more classes or breaking large classes into several smaller classes.
    • 6 Inner-platform Effect: The tendency for complex software systems to re-implement features of the platform they run in or the programming language they are implemented in, usually poorly.
    • 7 Magic Numbers and Strings: Using unnamed numbers or string literals instead of named constants in code.
    • 8 Management by Numbers: Strict reliance on numbers for decision making.
    • 9 Useless (Poltergeist) Classes: Useless classes with no real responsibility of their own, often used to just invoke methods in another class or add an unneeded layer of abstraction.​
  • El guardián de los mapas: ¿A quien no le gusta una historia de una startups que no empieza desde abajo?
  • Scaling Python: Ideas sobre optimización vertical de memoria en python; esencialmente no construyas listas en memoria si puedes evitarlo. Más fácil en Python 3 que en 2.
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